Banking platform for Black and Latino communities Greenwood raises $45m

Banking platform for Black and Latino communities Greenwood raises $45m

Greenwood, the digital banking startup for Black and Latino people and business owners, has closed a $45 million funding round led by Pendulum, an investment firm designed for founders of colour.

Dear Killer Mike: Greenwood bank exposed!?!?

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The information in this video comes from public sources /websites. Do your research and ask the questions. Greenwood is a platform, acting as the middleman between you and other banks. In the fintech space, they are rushing to get a piece of the pie. Black people deserve better. This aint it.

Greenwood IG Post: (12-25-2020: *update* greenwood deleted to comment from their IG page)

FDIC Minority Depository Institutions

Coastal Community Bank

Meta Bank


Dear Killer Mike: Greenwood is not a bank

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According to its website , all deposits will be held at OTHER banks. So you’re not making a deposit into Greenwood. Your money is actually going to partnering secret banks. What banks? are they black owned? are they major banks? Is Greenwood a broker? the middle man between black money and white banks?

Black people deserve better.


Greenwood and other “Neobanks” explained.

Where is your money being held? This video gives a brief definition of the middleman aka neobank movement. Greenwood, Chime, Mocafi, Dave, etc all serve as middlemen. Leave a comment. Lets have this discussion.

Short List of NeoBanks:


Rapper Killer Mike’s Greenwood Bank Raises $40 Million in Funding

Apr.01 — Hip Hop Superstar Killer Mike and Philanthropist and Activist Andrew “Bo” Young III joined Romaine Bostick and Taylor Riggs on “Bloomberg Markets: The Close” to discuss the bank they founded, Greenwood, and last week’s hugely successful Series-A funding round, as well as challenges facing minority communities in the banking and financial centers.