Switzerland prepares for mass-market migration to ISO 20022 standard

Switzerland prepares for mass-market migration to ISO 20022 standard

Switzerland has started the countdown to a mass-market switch to the ISO 20022 standard for payments harmonisation across all consumer, corporate and bank payments, an initiative billed as the country's biggest financial infrastructure project in 390 years.


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ISO 20022 compliant coins – a BUY? (Starting November 2022)

This video will tell you if you should invest in ISO 20022 compliant cryptocurrencies. A global acceptance of ISO 20022 will produce a single model and language for payment data. For everyone in the financial sector, it will deliver better data, which translates to better, faster payments and an open standard that can adapt to changing demands and new strategies. Since a single interest won’t govern it, anybody in the financial services sector can use it and deploy the ISO 20022 on any network.
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0:00 – ISO and SWIFT

1:06 – What is ISO 20022

1:51 – Which countries have adopted ISO 20022

2:57 – Benefits of ISO 20022

4:08 – What ISO 20022 mean for crypto

5:06 – List of ISO 20022 compliant coins

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Transition From Swift To ISO 20022 ($1.25 quadrillion opportunity)

In this video, I speak about ISO 20022 which is a new set of standards for banks to communicate world wide.

This transition in the banking system is taking place starting now through the year 2025. There are already two approved cryptocurrencies and blockchains for this new standard of ISO 20022 with several more on the list.

It is estimated that $1.25 quadrillion in payments are settled annually which presents a massive opportunity for crypto and blockchain even if it just takes a very small piece of it.

What are your thoughts on ISO 20022?

Are you investing in any of the compliant cryptocurrencies?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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ISO 20022 Migration: What should you keep in mind when translating MX-MT messages?

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In December 2021, SWIFT announced the availability of its new In-flow Translation service, intending to support banks to be ready for the November 2022 start of the ISO 20022 migration period.
Banks across the globe are decommissioning their networks supporting the legacy MT format by November 2025 and transitioning to ISO 20022 en masse, following SWIFT’s decision to implement the standard for cross-border payments and the move of many RTGS (real-time gross settlement) to this standard.

Watch our new Payment News Under the Lens video and learn why the migration is so complex for banks, what are the top challenges for banks choosing the translation approach, and how banks can overcome these challenges.

0:20 What’s new with ISO 20022?
1:37 Why is this migration causing issues for banks?
3:06 How can banks deal with this messaging mismatch?
3:31 What are the top challenges for banks choosing the translation approach?
5:52 What are the next steps for banks?

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