Tide prepares for Indian launch

Tide prepares for Indian launch

UK business banking platform Tide is embarking on international expansion, beginning with a limited test launch in India in the first quarter of 2021.

Hyd Techies Explain Their Initiative To Help Migrant Workers In India Tide Over COVID Battle

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Visuals of migrants walking for kilometres and kilometres to their hometown had been one of the notable moments of the COVID-19 lockdown last year. This year, three techies from Hyderabad have been working hard to ensure that such a situation does not arise. The trio of the Tikaana Sahara initiative has set up a 1200-bed facility to help migrants affected by COVID-19, while also providing them food, accommodation and help for employment.

Hyderabad techies help migrants tide over COVID-19 crisis
The Tikaana Sahara is the brainchild of Karthik Boyapally, co-founder, Raghu Bojja, co-founder and CEO of the company, IIM alumni and Pruthvi Reddy, NIT alumni and CMO of the company, who are helping the migrant workers hit by the infection.

Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, Bojja said, “We witnessed that the country has got ravaged by COVID-19 and migrants have been hit the most. One saw scores of people walking to their villages. Losing their jobs creates a lot of panic for them, while staying in cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore becomes hard for them as it costs a lot of money. If they go back to their villages, it becomes a 5-6 month cycle by the time they return to the cities again. If we help, it will help them tide over the crisis.

“Such a crisis will make them dig into their savings and takes up a majority of it. We started the initiative thinking that they could get back to their lives when things normalise if they hold on now. We are also adding more beds and talking to companies, trying to help as many as people as possible get employment,” he added.

Boyapally said, “We are providing them food and accommodation, a basic hygienic accommodation, for them to escape this second wave of coronavirus. There are companies that are looking for labour so we are reaching to organisations to help them They are known to have a fear of whether corporates will hire them or not, so hoping to help them with it.”

Reddy shared his take on the expansion plans of the initiative, “We are currently set up at Hyderabad and Bengaluru and have got requests from other places like Delhi. It is not an easy job. Accommodating one person costs Rs 3000. Inspired by Sonu Sood, how one person could help, we felt we too could do. We are planning to expand to areas like Delhi.”

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Tide Matic Liquid | New Launch (Bengali)

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Tidal Bore DESTROYS Dock Ramp in India

Spectacular moments caught on camera when several meter high waves are speeding up through the Ganga River in India. The 1st wave was so powerful that it destroyed a dock ramp and the 2nd wave at night even washed away some spectators standing too close to the water. In this case a high tide caused such massive waves. Luckily, no serious injuries have been reported in connection with the two incidents.

In the Ganga river, the largest tidal bores usually take place between March and May. Unfortunately every year many people die because they don’t take the warnings seriously. According to reports a tidal bore in 1876 killed up to a hundred thousand people (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hooghly_River#cite_note-NGeo-7). The power of such tidal waves can be compared to tsunami waves as they wipe out almost everything, including boats, making their way upwards the river.

A tidal bore is a tidal phenomenon in which the incoming tide forms waves of water that travels upwards against the direction of a river or a bay’s current. Tidal bores only occur in a few locations worldwide with a large tidal range. Some of the most famous locations for these waves are the Ganges River in Kolkata, India (seen in this video), the Kampar River in Indonesia (can be seen in here: https://youtu.be/pKd0PCI6Sx4) and the Qiantang River in China, at which the world’s largest bore is reaching heights of up to 9 meters. Unfortunately several people die each year in connection with these tidal bores (also find more information about a tidal bore here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tidal_bore).

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Tide Matic Liquid | New Launch (Punjabi)

Finding it difficult to remove tough stains without fading your colours? Presenting the ALL NEW TIDE MATIC LIQUIDS! It has lift and lock technology, which lifts and lock stains inside the water, to remove tough stains without fading colours. Try now!!