Tide rolls out receipt importer product

Tide rolls out receipt importer product

Business banking platform Tide is introducing a new expense management feature which enables users to upload an image of a receipt and automatically match the expense to a transaction made through a Tide account in real time.

The Hopewell Rocks – OFFICIAL Time Lapse video of 45.6 foot tide

The Hopewell Rocks Tidal Exploration Site is a fantastic place to experience the Bay of Fundy’s world famous tides. To help our guests understand a full tide cycle, we set up a camera and took 1 photograph per minute from before sunrise until after sunset. The resulting 926 photos were then each used as a frame of video to create this glimpse of the world’s largest tides. To fully appreciate this natural wonder, come spend a day with us on the ocean floor.

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Two minute tide

Watch Jersey’s tide coming in from 2 miles out.

Alaska time-lapse of the tide

Lighting storm 05/19/22
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Amazing China: The Tide Bore of Qiantang River| CCTV English

The Qiantang River is located in Zhejiang on the southeastern coast of China and flows into the East Sea. Every year on the eighteenth day of the eighth lunar month, people gather along its banks expectantly, eager for the arrival of the tide. #AmazingChina